Wednesday, July 8, 2009

From the Mouths of Babes

I know that I have asked for you all to pray for wisdom for me, for the ability to explain to these kids the meaning of the gospel. And even more, for the Holy Spirit to open up their minds and hearts to understand what I most certainly can never explain. "The Gospel is foolishness to those who are perishing."

I thought that a good way for you all to understand why I am asking this and to give you more direction in prayer would be to write out some of their questions. I hope this brings smiles as well as a greater intentionality in your prayers.

When was God born?
Where are Cain and Abel now?
How can some people say that God is here and everywhere and then other people say he is coming back later?
Does God answer when everybody is praying?
Did God wrote the Bible in his own hands?
Was Satan God's son?
What did Adam and eve do when God said they must not come back to the garden?
When Adam and Even died, did God create two new people?
Jesus wasn't alive the same time Cain and Abel were?
Is Jesus coming back in 2010?
When did the world start? (We just talked about that, remember?  Genesis?) NO, I know that, but when did it start, like...1991?
If you are hungry and in pain here on earth, when you go to heaven, will you still be hungry?
If you go to heaven and then God says your name is not written down in the book and you have to go to hell, how do you get there?

Just a little view into the minds of these precious little girls.  Be praying for our time together, especially for the Holy Spirit to open up their minds to understand.  Apparently the Bible is really confusing!  And I can't make any of it make sense.  So please pray pray pray pray pray pray.  And then pray some more.

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