Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Hope Is Built on Nothing Small

It is difficult for words to express how beautiful the Lord is, how beautiful this place is, how beautifully his face has been shining upon me.

I was taking a walk yesterday, praying for the Lord to move in mighty ways, praying for their healing, praying for his love to wash away their pain.  Smiles, bright minds, and games cannot mask the scars behind some of their eyes.  I see some of the kids acting out and all I want to do is hold them and let them cry out their pain.  I see others standing in the background, hesitant and uncertain, and all I want to do is grab their faces and tell them how much God loves them and how beautiful they really are.
As I was walking through the vineyards, I looked up to the skies-blue, blue skies peeking through thick clouds.  "God, why don't these kids have blue skies?" I cried.
They do.
He spoke so clearly into my heart.
Hope.  I have such hope for these kids.  I know that God is in this place, I know he is working in HUGE ways, even by my story alone testifying to his handiwork.  I know that the Lord is big enough to soften each one of their hearts, to open up their eyes to see the reality and power of the gospel.  I want so badly for them to embrace his truth and let him HEAL them.  So God, I know you are here, but where are all the wonders? (as asked by Gideon)

And he reminded me that he is doing so much that I cannot yet see.  He is always working.  But then I must also remember that these kids have to choose him, too.  They have to accept it.  O Lord, no!  Where is the hope in that?  And very quickly I am reminded that the first generation never saw the Promised Land.  BUT: their children did.  Maybe it isn't all going to be in this generation.  My prayer: Lord, make this a group of Joshua and Caleb's!

I am going through Joshua right now with one of my small groups, and I cannot even tell you how badly I want for them to be the ones who will really get it right.  Who will refuse to let anyone scare them or distract them or intimidate them from getting to their Promised Land-a true, deep relationship with the one and only Jesus Christ.

Continue praying for their eyes to be opened, for their hearts to be softened.  And pray for hope for the staff.  Pray that they would see very specific places where God's hand can be seen that would have continued encouragement to keep pressing on.

Continue praying for words as I teach the gospel to those with the English capability of very small children.  Pray that the power of God's word would manifest itself as we read and study it together.

[ I hope to get pictures up very soon.  I am so sorry that they are not up yet!  I have been taking them, and I so wish that you could see these precious kids for whom you are praying.  ]

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