Saturday, July 25, 2009

Table Mountain Photos

1. I didn't really feel as strong as that picture might lead you to believe.  I'm pretty sure Caleb, the other short term American volunteer, was trying to see how much he could make us want to die.  
2. I know that this is now the 3rd post in 2 days, but my computer won't let me upload photos to facebook, and I figured that people want to see them.  Hope you don't mind!


  1. AHHH!!! That one picture they are standing too close to the edge - I remember that edge - NOT SAFE!!!!

  2. Did you really ask us if we mind getting frequent posts from you? Oh please. Post ten times a day if you want.

    Ok, maybe not that much...that would mean your efforts would be solely concerned with blogging and not don't do that. BUT, do blog frequently.

    We love you. We pray for you.