Saturday, August 15, 2009

In 6 Days God did what?!

On the 7th day, God rested. But you better believe he did a whole lot of creating and work the 6 days before that!

I have one week exactly. And on the 7th day, I shall rest (if you can call more than24 hours of travel time restful…). But until then, I have a lot more to do. Primarily, I think it’s going to be a lot of witnessing the Lord’s mighty work. And I am more than okay with that!

One major prayer request/awesome thing that God is doing – If you have been reading my blog, you might remember that God did an incredible thing, allowing me to start up a Wednesday morning directed prayer time for all the kids (During staff devotions/prayer). And now, as I prepare to leave, I have the privilege to pass it along to the 12th grade girls to lead. And I cannot tell you how exciting this is! I am so excited for the leadership it will require, the power of God they will witness, the unity it will intensify among them. As I type this, the 6 of them are meeting to discuss this Wednesday’s prayer time (I am having them lead once before I go so that if they want advice or help in any way, I am here). I ask that you would prayer for them as they take on this first step of intentional leadership. Pray that God would give them a vision for what he wants that time to look like. Pray that He would fill them with excitement and anticipation for what he is going to do through this ministry. And pray that He would just pour himself out on those girls but also on the entire school as they gather to pray on Wednesdays. I am so excited to get to watch them this Wednesday!

I am beginning to feel a sense of closure as my time here comes to an end. And yet the other day, it hit me that I am also excited to discover why God is having me leave this place. He does not slack during the transitions. He specifically chose August 22 for me to leave, in order that I might continue down the path he has for me.

I have no idea how to end this time, though. No idea how to close this part of my life. Rarely do I feel like I am using my gifts this much, like I have the opportunity to pour out so continually without ever running out of the Lord's gracious supply. I already know that I will miss these kids and this place so much. I was praying just yesterday that I would be able to see all of these faces in heaven.

Pray with passion and fervor these last several days, warriors. Pray for God's continued hand on these children. Pray that God would gently beckon some who are hesitant. Pray that he would tear others from the claws of the enemy. Pray that He would intervene in mighty and powerful ways - for the sake of his own name. That He might be glorified as majestic and wonderful and awesome.
Pray also that I would be able to drink it all in. Pray that I would not grow weary or slow down for the end of this journey. Pray that I might run all the way to the finish line, that I might be able to say I fought until the end.

6 Days. He created the whole universe.
6 Days. O God, let me see that kind of wonder!

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  1. Praying, Praying, Praying. I love you Samantha Renee.