Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Power of Incense

As my time begins slipping away, too quickly some days, too slowly others, I know that God has never once stopped working.  It’s just that sometimes, I have a tendency to forget J.


Last night, I had discipleship group with the grade 8/9 girls.  Honestly, I was frustrated, feeling as though I was being completely unproductive in everything I was doing, asking God, “Am I being fruitful at all?  Is my work worth anything?”

Our lesson was on Joshua 4, where God directs Joshua to gather 12 stones from the middle of the Jordan river, to set up a memorial in order that they might remember – and their children to know – that God is mighty, powerful, and faithful.  We talked about the importance of spiritual memory, so that even when we are feeling as though life is too hard or having a difficult time remembering that God is good, we can look back on those times where God was big and incredible and praise him and worship him still.


I had the girls spend 15 or so minutes just journaling, writing down as many things as they could remember about what God has done in their lives.  We were creating a type of “memorial,” just a written one instead of stone.  And of course I did the same, but I decided to do it solely with what God has done since I have been here.  Well!  I can tell you for certain that God HAS been working, he HAS used me, he IS faithful. 

Even when I asked, “God, but I don’t think I’m being fruitful,” He said to me, “Remain in me, and my words remain in you…and you WILL bear MUCH fruit.”  That’s a promise.


And then this morning, we had our Wednesday morning prayer meeting.  Because I am leaving in less than two weeks, I really wanted some of the grade 12 girls to take over and lead it, so I spoke to them yesterday about that possibility.  All but one volunteered.  And O I am so excited for them!  It is such a great chance for them to be spiritual leaders here, without too much pressure being put on them. I would like for them to try and lead next week so that I can help them plan and debrief it.  So already, I was so encouraged and excited.

This morning’s prayer time was, for the first time, open to the boys – and optional.  All the girls came, and several of the boys joined as well.  And I was sitting this morning, praying with them, watching them pray, it all of a sudden hit me – if this was even the only mark I left on this place, it has been well worth the journey. 


I read Revelation 8:3-5 to them this morning, the verses which describe our prayers rising up to heaven as incense and then being hurled again to the earth as lightning, thunder, and earthquakes, and I tried to emphasize how powerful prayer really is.  I have been praying that God would answer their prayers visibly – and give them eyes to see it – so that they might be encouraged and strengthened, to pray without ceasing all the days of their life.

I have been able to see the power of my prayers - and of yours - here already, and I know that it will not stop.  Praise the Lord!

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